The Highly Misunderstood Recipe for Scale

What I Have Learned After $1B in Successful Exits - Sam Monreal, Founder and President 


Sales Makes every problem easier or irrelevant

Revenue creation makes any business goal more attainable.

Prospecting based orgs win 9 times out of 10 because most sales of new products occurs via voice-to-voice interactions.

When scaling, the only thing that matters is consistent pipeline development held accountable to revenue creation.


YOur idea is irrelevant until the client thinks it is

To get firms to care about your product, you have to solve their problem. Too many firms try to “think outside the box” and spend far too much time focusing on their clever idea and solution and not how it solves a problem that companies will pay for. One of my favorite client quotes is “just because no one can sell it doesn’t mean it’s not a sellable product.” Actually, that’s exactly what it means.


sales is storytelling

Whether raising money or bringing a product to market, there is still a human being making a decision. The story of your product must be compelling and presented in a way the client can believe and invest in. Over 70% of a client’s perspective on a product is based on the salesperson they worked with. Why trust something that critical to anyone but an expert.


There is no Sales Unicorn

Time and again we hear firms say they “just need a salesperson”. There is no unicorn that can do all the necessary parts of running a true sales system alone. Sales involves marketing, prospecting, deal management, leadership, system creation and many other things to be successful. 17% of all full times jobs in the US are sales jobs. Thats why we offer all the parts you need at the level and budget you need them.


entrepreneurs will buy into the sunk cost fallacy

The sunk cost fallacy is where firms will have invested so much time and resources on a direction that they are afraid to pivot even when glaring evidence is present. At one point in time Netflix mailed DVDs to your home. Model change is good. Nimble organizations survive. Embrace data that challenges your model.


There is Riches in the Niches, Bitches

Many firms suffer from the slow death of being willing to do whatever pays. You can do lots of things or be the best at one. At Pitchstack, we are sales and product launch experts. It’s the only thing we do. By narrowing your focus, you ensure your success. Sales is easiest when you say, “we do this and we are the best.”


Raising Money instead of building a business

The VC model is one of the best and worst things to happen to tech. More CEOs spend their time raising money than they do running their business. If you build a great business, the money comes to you. In one of the firms we worked with, Sam joined after it took less than 90 days to raise one of the largest Series A rounds in Austin history. Focus on the business model and the money comes to you.


If your Goal is to build a business to exit, you have already failed

The businesses that ultimately exit are mostly ones that set out to build an incredible company and a byproduct of that was that another firm wanted to buy them. A compelling idea, great product, strong leadership and a motivated team will ultimately not survive the inevitable struggles of business building if your drive is to get famous or rich through exit.


Profitable Models are No longer an option

The economics of your model are like stepping on a scale. The numbers don’t lie. This doesn’t require a business to be profitable, but its model has to be. There is simply no endless supply of money to pour into a business. Making money requires you to say no to a lot of unnecessary things, and it ensures your longterm success. Boring businesses that solve real problems are beautiful.


Why Does Pitchstack Exist?

1. Sales is the fastest, cheapest and most consistent path to scale.

2. Sales validates your model and offering the fastest way possible.

3. Sales experts are artists at conveying complex ideas to create revenue at pivotal growth moments.

4. We increase the likelihood of our clients’ success by providing them the right sales resources on their scale journey, on demand.

5. Sales demands an honest approach to market appetite, focus on your most compelling offerings, allows for less time raising capital, surfaces misaligned organizational objectives and proves a profitable model exists that is scalable.

Sales is scale. Scale is all we do. Sales is who we are.